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Precision Machining Sheetmetal, Inc. has incorporated a broad range of machining capabilities throughout the years. Specializing in the aerospace grade materials, our machine tools are some of the finest for even the toughest super-alloy aerospace grades of steel. Our machining capabilities include the abilities of turning, 4 axes machining, 5 axes contour simulation/3D profiling and high speed machining up to 400 inches/minute! We regularly machine material of 2124, 7050, A286, 718 inconel, 6Al Titanium and a variety of other aerospace grades. Our machine tools provide fast, accurate and ridged machining for only the best in product quality and manufacturing.

Our programming software offers a wide variety of file formats to import/export from. The various software versions we utilize gives us the ability to program in 2D, 2-1/2D and 3D depending on the complexity and ease of the part configuration. Our highly skilled programmers have the expertise to draw, import/export or convert the most complicated jobs and turn them into a quality product.

See our Gallery for part examples.

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