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Precision Machining Sheetmetal Inc is a manufacturer of components for the space vehicle industry. As a supplier to Precision Machining Sheetmetal, we need your company and employees to be aware that the work you do must be performed in an ethical manner, and the product(s) or process(s) you provide to us meet all stipulated requirements. In doing so, this contributes to our end item conformity and product safety.

The following Purchasing Provisions apply as noted on the purchase order placed with your business.

  1. Product and Services require certification and traceability as applicable as they pertain to our Purchase Order.  Reference pertaining job #'s/information on packing slip and invoice.
  2. Products and Services received shall reference pertaining Purchase Order information on packing information, certifications and invoices.  Documentation lot/batch #'s on packing slip for traceability as applicable.
  3. Products and Services received without proper documentation may be rejected and returned to the supplier.
  4. Shelf life materials shall be provided with all pertaining shelf-life/material information and must have at least 90% of the manufactures recommended shelf-life remaining.
  5. Substitutions or deviations from Purchase Order are not permitted without prior written authorization.
  6. Qualifications of personnel performing work shall be in accordance with regulatory, statuary and specifications requirements, or as indicated per Purchase Order.
  7. Packaging as necessary to prevent damage from shipping, handeling and product degradation. Shipping courier and method shall be directed by documentation. Packing slips must accompany each shipment.
  8. Suppliers of non-standard parts or processes may require approval as a supplier by our quality assurance system. If this applies:
    • We and our customers reserve the right to access your facility upon request for the purpose of periodic inspection and/or audit.
    •  An Approved Precision Machining Sheetmetal supplier is required to notify Precision Machining Sheetmetal if supplier facility location, ownership, or top management has changed after approval by Precision Machining Sheetmetal
    • Supplier Quality Controll System in place at the time of approval by Precision Machining Sheetmetal must be maintained during approval duration.
    • Precision Machining Sheetmetal will be notified regarding any non-conforming product and supplier must obtain approval from PMSM for product disposition.
  9. Supplier shall maintain a Foreign Object (FO) Control program assuring work is accomplished in a manner preventing foreign objects or materials from entering and remaining in deliverable items.
  10. Unless otherwise specified, Supplier shall have a documented calibration system that meets the requirements of ISO 10012, “Quality assurance requirements for measuring equipment”, or the “American National Standard Institute (ANSI)/National Conference of Standards Laboratories (NCSL) Z540-1, General Requirements for Calibration Laboratories and Measuring and Test Equipment. Third party registration by an accredited registrar will be accepted.
  11. Supplier’s Certification of Conformance shall certify that the shipment does not contain any ‘suspect’ or ‘known’ Counterfeit Part, Material, or Work and certifies that parts, material or work are procured only through Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)/Original Component Manufacturers (OCMs) or their Franchised Distributors or Authorized Supplier. Any use of other than an Authorized Supplier requires Precision Machining’s written approval.
  12. Unless otherwise specified on the Purchase Order, products and services shall be in accordance with the latest applicable revision/s.
  13. Record retention will be (3) years unless specified on Purchase Order.
  14. Payment terms are net 30 days.




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For any further questions please contact us at: sales@bestinquality.com

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